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Want to make someone's day, every day?

Are you keen to join a multicultural team? Lufthansa InTouch could be the perfect place for you to spread your wings. Join the exciting world of air travel - become part of our international team and help make someone's day, every day.

We know that a job is more than just a job. We provide a platform for your personal development and life satisfaction. In order to attract great talent, we offer an attractive employment package with great benefits, world class training, and career development opportunities.

Training & Development

We are driven to be the best. Our team members learn new things every day through ongoing, state-of-the-art training, boosting their confidence to assist and impress our customers. We also offer international career development opportunities - putting you in charge of your career path.

Welcome on Board

Our global Service Centres handle flight reservations and ticket sales, information and bookings on Miles & More (Lufthansa's loyalty programme), Special Service Requests, Baggage Tracing, Travel Agency Support, Technical Support, and Social Media Management.

Prepare for Takeoff

We’ll teach you everything you need to know to provide great service to our customers. This includes information about our company and our processes, as well as valuable soft-skills.

Soft-skills workshops we offer include:
• Positive Attitude
• Cultural Diversity
• Communication Skills
• Self-Management
• Leadership Tools

Choose Your Destination

Once you’re on board and able to service customers, we’ll help you to grow and develop your career at Lufthansa InTouch. Our Talents InTouch Development Programme offers an exciting variety of customised learning modules and workshops aimed at Coaches, Trainers, Quality Specialists and Team Leaders. Our web-based solutions makes it possible to learn across our international network, share our experiences and learn from each other.

A Typical Day for a Customer Service Consultant

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7:45 AM

Arrives at Work

Kristijan came to work this morning feeling the day will be very busy. This is his last day of Training, and he will finally have an opportunity to experience direct contact with Lufthansa customers!

8:10 AM

Final Product Test

Before Kristijan starts handling passengers’ calls he must pass his final product test. This will prove that he understands the Lufthansa products and services and that he is ready to fulfil customers’ requests. Kristijan is optimistic – after all, he studied really hard during the 3 weeks of Training.

11:00 AM

Coffee Break

Kristijan finishes the test and heads to the kitchen to have coffee with a new colleague, Elina, who has been with Lufthansa InTouch for 2 years. Elina is always happy to share her experience with the new colleagues.

11:15 AM

Test Results

Kristijan is back in the Training room to hear the good news: He passed the final product test!

12:00 PM


Kristijan can’t stop smiling – he is so proud of his results! Now he faces his first real challenge – the first customer call is waiting for him.

4:05 PM


Kristijan receives constructive feedback from his Coach – they discuss points for improvement and agree on targets to be reached during Kristian’s first months at Lufthansa InTouch.

4:45 PM:

The Day is Over

Kristijan’s working day has come to an end, and he feels great; his day was productive and full of new experiences. Kristijan is now confident he can make a positive contribution to Lufthansa InTouch and add value to the business.

7:40 AM

Arrives at Work

The sun is rising over Brno and Elina is arriving at work. She is excited about the day ahead and ready to handle new people, knowledge and challenging tasks with a smile.

8:00 AM

Team Meeting

Elina’s day starts with a Team Meeting to discuss the team’s targets, performance results and product topics.

08:20 AM

Product Presentation

Last week Elina was asked to prepare a presentation about Lufthansa Free Baggage Allowance. Today she presents the information to help new consultants to gain confidence in the topic.

08:45 AM

Answers Questions

After finishing her presentation, Elina is answering questions from her team members. Sharing knowledge is the best way to learn!

09:45 AM

Listens to Calls

Elina is discussing her personal targets with her Team Leader. They listen to recorded calls together and agree on development areas for Elina to focus on.

10:30 AM

Receives Feedback

Elina has a fruitful discussion with her Team Leader and receives constructive feedback on her performance as a Customer Service Consultant.

11:00 AM:

Coffee Break

After the feedback with her Team Leader, Elina takes a short break to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in our stylish kitchen. It’s always a pleasure chatting to the colleagues in an informal environment.

11:15 AM:

Customer Care

Elina feels refreshed and is handling customer requests with a positive attitude. She is always  willing to provide outstanding service to Lufthansa passengers and put her skills to good use.

04:40 PM:

End of the Working Day

Elina’s working day is over. She has accomplished her goals by helping many people with their queries and learning new things. Now she looks forward to some well-earned time off!

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Become a
Home-Based Agent

What if you could work from home, instead of going to an office every day?

In July 2015 we launched a Home-Based Agent concept that enables Customer Service Consultants to assist passengers from home. What started as a groundbreaking enterprise has now developed into a highly specialised team handling a variety of services to customers. It's just one more way to stay on top of our game.

’The Home-Based Agent chat room allows us to give our Consultants hands-on support, just as if they were sitting right next to us.’

Karen Knee
Quality & Training Team Leader